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In case you didn’t know it already, my name is Erica Pollock**,** and I am a curiosity-driven freelance copywriter and digital marketer who’s passionate about making you and your clients stand out from the crowd with creative content that isn’t boring AF.

And this is my portfolio of work.

Table of Contents

📜 Blog Posts

Case Studies

Case Study: How Homefield Apparel Uses Social Media ROI and Builds Brand Loyalty

How Webfx Cut Its Social Media Reporting Time by 90%

How Nexford University Reduced Their Social Media Reporting Time by 75%

💻 Website Copy + Design

Parmeter Insulation | *parmeterinsulation.com*

This is a Wordpress-based website that I designed from scratch and implemented singlehandedly, including writing all copy and content.

The goal of the website was to help give the company an online presence that would align with their existing brand, and showcase their expertise to potential clients. Prior to this, they had no website or online presence whatsoever.

Canada ICI | CMHC Lending and Advisory

This webpage was written for Canada ICI after the rollout of a brand new CMHC program last year.

The goal of this page was to help educate and inform both existing and potential clients of the available options for financing with CMHC, and also demonstrate how Canada ICI can provide guidance throughout the financing process.

📄 Corporate and Technical Documentation

Beks Marketing | A Guide To Using Slack

A Guide To Using Slack .pdf

This is an internal company document I wrote to help with onboarding the Beks Marketing team to Slack. This guide was a necessity, as the entire team works remote in locations all over the world, so there needed to be some kind of reference document to ensure that everyone was able to understand how to implement the new program into their daily routine without any difficulties.

Canada ICI | Condo Inventory Loans

This was a marketing collateral piece created for the brokers to share with their clients to explain a new type of loan they would be offering. It served as an educational piece of marketing that could be used to inform both new and existing clients of the new service.

Canada ICI | Social Media Policy

👀 Design

Parmeter Insulation | Logo + Business Cards

Five tips to generate content ideas (1).pdf

📢 Social Media Content

Canada ICI | LinkedIn Posts

Canva designs


📚 Education

Bachelor's Degree in Communications, Journalism major

2010-2014, Mount Royal University

💡 Experience

Senior SEO Writer


Freelance Copywriter and Digital Marketer

Erica Rae

Writer and Editor

Beks Marketing

Journalist and Lifestyle Editor

The Calgary Journal

Social Media Marketing Assistant

Lean In Canada

Marketing and Communications Assistant

Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta


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